What attributes set NW Biomed apart from their competitors?

1. Software. A Healthcare Technology Management specific CMMS, TheWorxHub.
2. Specialized training. Biomedical Electronics Technology trained and certified work staff.
3. Litigation/liability protection. Specific medical equipment liability coverage of $3M.
4. Industry longevity. Established in 1991, Northwest Biomedical Associates has focused specifically on western Washington healthcare providers for 26 continuous years.
5. Financial Stability. Our locally owned parent company, Legacy Group Capital provides financial services specifically within the Pacific Northwest. LGC has over $36 million in assets and provides administration support, financial services, legal and business strategy planning.
6. Locations. Employees located in key locations in your major service areas with collectively over 100 years of experience.
7. Clinical Engineering. Real resources. Professional healthcare technology management consulting that’s experience in passing regulatory inspections and keeping abreast of the changes in compliance is provided as needed via a pre-established relationship with Strategic Healthcare Technology Associates, Boston MA.